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Air conditioning cleaning

Making air conditioning cleaning a breeze to get your A/C running like new

Is there anything worse than an A/C breakdown or unit efficiency problems as temperatures soar? Keeping heat and humidity down is crucial to the comfort of every home in Orange County. That’s why routine air conditioning cleaning and maintenance is a smart long-term solution to costly repairs or compromising your comfort and indoor air quality.

Is your A/C failing to cool your home? While its performance can be affected by different factors, simply having the parts cleaned by a skilled technician could be enough to address the issue. With Dial One Sonshine, you get more than the superb air conditioner cleaning service — you get detailed explanations of the reasons your A/C unit or system isn’t working correctly. To the expert eye, these are easily detectable.

Air conditioner cleaning service near me for increasing A/C efficiency

It’s a common scenario when things as simple as dirt and debris result in:

  • Overworking your air conditioner
  • Compromising its performance
  • Raising electricity bills
  • Uneven room temperatures
  • Restricted airflow
  • Odd smells and air quality problems

Over time, dust and grime will likely coat the evaporator coil and condenser coil, making your A/C less effective at cooling. The air filter installed for trapping airborne particles may become clogged and dirty, requiring cleaning or replacement. These issues are easy to fix when you feel a decrease in the cooling potential of your A/C, but investing in a regular aircon cleaning service is a better option. It ensures efficiency, safety, and longer unit life, with fewer headaches down the road.

That said, Dial One Sonshine technicians will alert you to bigger issues, if any. For example, we’ll tell you when air conditioning duct cleaning is needed and direct your attention to any problems with the unit’s wiring or parts that require replacement or extensive repairs. 

The same-day service is available — and it’s not just because most malfunctions should be addressed immediately to avoid more damage. For example, when your A/C suddenly loses its cool in summer’s heat, it feels like a disaster that needs to be handled as soon as possible.

Professional A/C cleaning service for smooth performance and cleaner air

Dust build-up may be a part of the cooling process, but it doesn’t have to be the factor reducing its efficiency. If you think the functionality of your air conditioner is limited by dirt and dust that have settled throughout, this probably is the case and a reason to contact us for same-day or regular cleaning. A/C cleaning service appointments may not sound exciting, but they are strategically proven to ensure comfortable temperatures and healthier air in your home.

For your air conditioning system to run smoothly and cost-efficiently, join Dial One Sonshine’s Maintenance Program today for yearly peace of mind at unbeatable prices. Entrusting all your cooling and heating needs to our professionals is the best solution for enjoying hassle-free service year-round.

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