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How Fall Maintenance Saves You Money

When it comes to your heating and cooling system, proper maintenance can keep things running efficiently, and it can also save you money!


Is Your Furnace Screeching? That’s Scary!

The sound of a screeching furnace is haunting, but don’t give up on your home’s heating system just yet. Dial One Sonshine can help!


Why Is Warm Air Coming Out of My A/C?

The only thing worse than an A/C that’s not blowing out air is an A/C that’s blowing out warm air! Here’s what you should do:


Another Heat Wave is Coming …

This has been one of the hottest years on record, and it’s only going to get worse. Luckily, the pros at Dial One Sonshine have your back!


Top 5 Signs of an A/C Repair Scam …

Most HVAC companies and technicians have your best interest at heart. So how do you know if you’re dealing with a real company, or a scammer?

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