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When it comes to your heating and cooling system, proper maintenance can not only keep things running efficiently, but it can also save you money!

However, this will only work if you remember to do it. Just like anything else in life, when maintenance is put off, then you’re going to have an expensive emergency on your hands instead of some excellent savings.

Change your filter

Did you know that you should be changing your air filters every 1-3 months? If not, then that’s one of the first things you need to do! In fact, according to the Department of Energy, regularly replacing a dirty filter can save you a pretty impressive 7.5% off your energy bills! (This calculation comes from the fact that it improves heating system efficiency by up to 15%, and your heating system accounts for half your energy bill, so 7.5%.)[1]

Make sure your A/C is covered

This is a fall maintenance tip that many people wouldn’t think about since it involves your cooling system. Most people aren’t thinking about their cooling system now at the end of October! But, you can save money by taking two simple steps to prep your A/C unit for fall and winter. First, clean all the visible dirt, debris, sticks, leaves, etc., off the unit. You might be surprised what you find! Next (after turning the power to the unit off), you can remove the top grille and the fan to clean and hose down the coils more thoroughly. If that’s not something you feel comfortable doing on your own, you can always schedule an appointment and get help from a reliable Dial One Sonshine tech!

Last, to prep your air conditioner for fall and winter, consider getting an A/C cover (available at a home improvement store or online). You can also cover your A/C unit with a tarp. Anything that will protect your A/C from the winter elements is a great idea!

You might be wondering, “How does that save me money?” Well, because the average cost for A/C repair is $350 … So by taking steps to avoid A/C problems next year, you are potentially saving yourself $350![2]

Schedule a tune-up

Everyone knows that annual tune-ups are essential for maintaining your car, but did you know they’re just as vital for your heating and cooling system? Get a furnace tune-up from Dial One, and you’ll save yourself from a furnace breakdown. Our technicians will remove and clean the blower and motor, inspect and test all electrical parts, clear the drain lines, and overall take a careful look at the system. Our multi-step process ensures you get your money’s worth on a tune-up.

The cold weather is coming and going outside, but it’s never too early to prepare. Get your tune-up today, with great deals here at Dial One Sonshine. We love keeping Orange County families warm and comfortable in their homes. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call: (714) 613-1016


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