How to Keep Your Plumbing Merry This Season – Dial One Sonshine

We hope you’re enjoying the holiday season! But we know plumbing problems are something that could turn you into a Grinch … Here’s how to avoid them:

Don’t dump the wrong things down the drain!

We all know better than to dump grease down the drain, but there are actually a lot of things that shouldn’t go down the drain … And we can almost guarantee that you aren’t aware of all of them! Here’s a quick list of some things to avoid putting down your drain:

  • Coffee grounds. They don’t completely dissolve in water, and additionally they absorb any grease in your pipes, so they can clump come together and cause a clog!
  • Oil. The same way you shouldn’t dump all your bacon grease down the sink, you can’t dump any oils down either. Even something you might associate with being a little “lighter,” like leftover oil from a salad/salad dressing, doesn’t mix with water, but does mix with other things you put down your sink, and can cause a clog.
  • Eggshells. We know you might be starting to feel like you’re walking on eggshells with all these things you can’t put down your drain, but eggshells are tougher than you think, and they can scratch the blades of your disposal, and also get stuck to the disposal grinder.
  • Rice. You know that rice grains absorb water, get all puffy, and then make a delicious treat! But, the fact that they absorb water and grow actually can make them get stuck in your pipes or in your garbage disposal.
  • Medicine. While there’s nothing wrong with dumping liquid medication down the drain, because it’s a pharmaceutical, it’s not good for the environment. In order to not tamper with the water supply, you should avoid putting any medications down your drain!
  • Liquid drain cleaner. Chemical drain cleaners often have ingredients like lye, bleach, salts, and even aluminum! These damage plumbing by doing everything from cracking the porcelain in your toilet bowl, to corroding your pipes and eventually causing a big emergency …

Call Dial One Sonshine!

Putting only the right things down your drain, and none of the wrong things, will help you avoid a plumbing emergency. But if you do have plumbing issues while your relatives are staying over for the holidays, call Dial One Sonshine! We’re the company you can rely on to treat your Santa Ana home like it’s their own. Contact us online or give us a call: (714) 613-1016

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