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How You Can Solve Your Smelly Garbage Disposal Problem

Sometimes, you have to get irritated by something to do something about it, like the smell in your garbage disposal. The smell may have been faint at first but only got worse after a while, so now, it’s time for you to clean the unit to get the smell to go away.

You have several options to get the unit clean, especially if you want it smelling fresh, and the natural approach is the best way to proceed forward.

Those who consider using chemical solutions to fix the smelly problem should reconsider using chemicals because of the possible issues it may cause with the garbage disposal unit.

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Since natural deodorizing solutions are easy to find, why spend the money and waste time buying chemical agents when it’s not necessary? Use these five tips to get your garbage disposal clean and smelling good:

  • Use lots of hot water
  • Use rock salt
  • Add some ice
  • Try some vinegar
  • Scrub out the disposal unit

Hot Water- Although there may be differences in opinions on whether you should use hot or cold water, hot water should be utilized in cases where there is no grease involved. If there is grease in the garbage disposal unit, then using cold water will solidify it, allowing it to go down the drain easier. Use hot water when it’s possible because it has the best cleansing effect.

Rock Salt- Adding some rock salt to your garbage disposal is a good way of getting it to deodorize itself once it grinds up the salt, especially if you add some ice cubes to it.

Ice- You can use ice to clean your garbage disposal, and the ice also sharpens blades as well.

Vinegar- Using vinegar will leave your garbage disposal clean and smelling much fresher.

Scrubbing The Disposal Unit- Find the right scrubbing tool to clean the inside of your garbage disposal, especially the rubber portion in the sink, whether it can be removed or not.

Use The Natural Remedies Available To You

You may not realize that there are a lot of natural remedies available to you that will allow you to clean your garbage disposal unit. Many feel that only chemicals can clean anything in their home, especially something as nasty as a garbage disposal unit. Although the waste disposal may be filled with food particles that eventually starts to smell bad, even if only small bits and pieces are left behind, it doesn’t need chemicals to clean it.

Using the natural remedies that have been proven to work over the years is a better way of cleaning your garbage disposal, especially since chemicals are very harsh on the piping system that runs underneath the garbage disposal.

It’s not even wise to use drain cleaners in a garbage disposal because some of the acids that are found in these cleaners can eventually destroy the drain, costing you a lot of money for drain replacement in the future.

Cut citrus

Try natural remedies, such as using baking soda, adding vinegar, throwing in ice, using rock salt, and using any citrus fruits.

Once you use these natural remedies along with some hot or cold water, you can choose to scrub out garbage disposal if you want, but either way, you’ll have a new unit that you can clean regularly using the same natural remedies.

Using Citrus Fruits Is Best Because They Are Powerful

If you’ve ever peeled an orange, then maybe you sprayed yourself with the citrus in your eye, and it may have burned. Citrus fruits can have some great juices because of the acidity in them. Because the acid in the fruits is so powerful, they are used for cleaning, and they can also clean a garbage disposal unit.

There are several ways to get the citrus fruits to be the most useful in a garbage disposal unit, such as freezing the fruits in ice cubes, throwing the peels in alone, and soaking the peels in soap and water solution with vinegar.

As long as the citrus fruits go down into the garbage disposal and are completely ground up by the unit, then you’ll have a very fresh smelling garbage disposal, and you can feel free to throw citrus fruits in the unit on a regular basis to keep it clean.

Avoidable Objects: You’ll Want To Keep These Away From The Disposal

Anyone who has had stopped up drains as a result of what they’ve put into their garbage disposal unit should know exactly what they shouldn’t put in there, but the most common culprit is grease and oil. Many will throw grease or oil down the drain without thinking about it, and this substance causes such a mess for the drain.

The grease can go all the way through the drains if hot water is used and runs for long enough to allow the grease to fade away, but those who use cool water will solidify the grease partway down, which may cause it to clog up the pipes.

Grease that clogs the pipes will get a hold of anything passing by, and you’ll end up with a bigger clog.

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You’ll also want to avoid foods that can readily absorb water, such as pasta because they can create a sludgy mess within the drainage system. Avoiding metals and other objects that shouldn’t go into the garbage disposal unit.

How Your Plumber Can Help You

Although you may want to do some things yourself, not every problem with your garbage disposal unit can be fixed by your hands. You may need to call your plumber for help if the waste disposal continues to smell bad because it means other problems are in existence. Call a plumber that can take care of your garbage disposal problems as soon as possible.

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