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Mold in air ducts: Signs

Signs you have molds in air ducts

An HVAC unit has components containing moisture from dehumidification, which can lead to mold formation in air ducts. If you do not maintain the humidity levels inside the air ducts, they can become a source where molds can thrive. Here are some signs that you have molds in your air ducts.

Signs you have molds in air ducts

  1. Black dust

When you switch on the HVAC system, you may notice black dust blowing across the room. It can indicate that you have black mold in the air ducts. On the other hand, you can see black dust settle on the air vents. It is difficult to remove black dust that is stuck in the mold. So you may need professional cleaning.

  1. Musty smell

If you find a musty smell while your HVAC is running, there is a high chance you have mold in your air duct. Molds have an odor that is either musty or earthy. Thus through its smell, mold becomes more easily recognizable.

At times, the musty odor can spread to the other rooms. Thus, if you come across a similar smell in the other rooms, it can mean mold in air ducts.

  1. Allergy

If you have allergy symptoms, it can be a sign of mold in the air ducts. Symptoms can sometimes include coughing, sneezing, itching and watery eyes, and difficulty breathing. However, if the mold situation is bad, you can experience more severe symptoms like vomiting, nausea, fatigue, and diarrhea.

  1. Visible mold

Another sign your air duct has mold is if you see some significant buildup in your vents. Spores will appear in the form of small spots that are green, black, and white. Even if you cannot see mold outside the vents, you must remove them now. Then check whether or not there is mold growth.

What causes mold in your air ducts?

Molds grow due to the presence of warm temperatures and moisture. A humid and warm environment can be ideal for the formation of mold. In addition, if anything traps moisture on the walls causing condensation, it can result in mold in your air ducts.

How can you prevent mold?

  1. Keep a dry environment

Molds grow well in damp environments. So, make sure to keep your surroundings dry to prevent mold growth.

  1. Regular checking

To be safe, check your HVAC systems regularly. When needed, replace the air filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

  1. Repairing water leakages

Water leakage in bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms can contribute to mold in your air ducts. Hence, to protect your and your family’s health, keep away mold by fixing every leaking corner in the house.

  1. Cleaning the ducts

Your air ducts ensure the passage of healthy airflow in your house. They, therefore, allow hygienic air to enter. So, clean your air duct at regular intervals.

How can a professional help you eliminate mold from your air ducts?

Professional cleaners can clean the mold and prevent its chances of coming back. Moreover, they can do it safely. If you scrub the mold with regular cleaners, it will not go away completely. Professionals have the right equipment to protect your home from mold and clean effectively with the cleaners they use.

You can damage the HVAC if you attempt to clean the mold present in the air ducts by yourself. On the other hand, professionals know what they must look for and how they can treat your HVAC system. They have the right mold inhibitor products to clean without causing any damage. Also, they can dispose of the chemicals with ease, preventing contamination.

We have discussed above some of the ways by which you can detect mold in air ducts. You must take care of the mold as soon as you see the signs. If you let it linger longer, it can cause you and your family health problems.

You can follow the preventive methods that we have provided to ensure that you do not experience mold problems in the future. https://www.dialonesonshine.com/ is a professional HVAC repair and plumbing website with a team of experienced professionals. You can reach out to them in case you notice signs of mold in the air ducts. Also, they can help find and fix hidden causes, such as leakage, which can contribute to mold in air ducts.

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