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Drain cleaner seems to be an obvious choice to clear a drain problem. But please, don’t use it! Here’s why chemical drain cleaners make your problem a hundred times WORSE:

Why people still use harsh chemicals

A chemical reaction is what’s needed to clear a clogged drain, right? So it makes sense that the more powerful the cleaner, the better. At least you’d think so.

The main problem with this is, a chemical reaction actually generates heat! And the other problem is that a chemical reaction doesn’t work quickly. So, it’s generating heat and sitting on top of a clog for a long period of time … The combination of these two things wreaks havoc on your pipes, and can cause them to burst. The effect can even crack a porcelain toilet!

The other problem with using multiple chemical drain cleaners is that you could end up combining bleach and ammonia, which makes a toxic gas, “chloramides.” In the human body, this causes issues from eye irritation, to respiratory problems, to even a potential heart attack! Whatever you do, don’t mix chemicals, because the consequences of that are even worse than causing expensive damage to your plumbing!

So, why are these cleaners still sold?

Although we can’t say for certain, it’s widely believed that chemical drain cleaner manufacturers know this, and they exploit it in order to sell more product. They claim that their powerful formula will work where others have failed. And even though many people know better, these claims still appeal to them. So consumers take a chance on these products every time they buy one. The average person who doesn’t have plumbing experience won’t understand how risky it is!

Ok then … What do I do instead?

If you want to try and take care of the clogged drain yourself and not just immediately jump to calling Dial One Sonshine, you can try using a drain snake. Unless your clog is very far down in the sewer line, you may have luck in reaching it with your auger! If that’s not working, the best solution is to get ahold of a drain cleaning pro (who would of course also dissuade the use of chemical drain cleaners!). If you’re dealing with a nasty clog and thinking of resorting to a dangerous solution like chemical cleaners, just know that the pros at Dial One Sonshine are here to help. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call: (714) 613-1016

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