Sweet Heating and Cooling Messages for Valentine’s Day – Dial One Sonshine

This February, we want to share the love with all of our customers! Check out our cute candy heart messages related to heating and cooling:

Choosing the right heating and cooling company, and the right technician, can feel like making a lifetime commitment! So just as with any other important relationship, you need to make sure you’re picking the right person. Finding a heating and cooling technician who is truly qualified is so important to get quality work. Whether you’re having a new system installed, or you’re having repair work done, you need to trust that your technician is properly diagnosing the issue, working according to the manuals, knows how to measure, and more! That’s why your technician should be NATE certified. If you’re wondering, what is NATE certification, it stands for North American Technician Excellence. It’s a combination of written tests and hands-on tests, based on the necessary knowledge to work in the heating and cooling industry. It is the most honorable certificate a technician can receive. That’s why all Dial One Sonshine technicians have passed these exams with flying colors and are NATE-certified … Now you know you’ve made the right choice!

Don’t forget to change your air filter every few months (and more often if you have pets)! If you’re not exactly sure how to do it, there’s no shame in looking up a tutorial on YouTube. You definitely want the filter to be facing the right way or the effects could be disastrous! There should be a label on the side of the filter, so you don’t get the wrong size filter, and there are also arrows indicating that you want the air to return in the direction towards the furnace, not away from it.

Nothing is better than just staying warm, comfy and cozy in your own home! The best way is with a heating system that is well-maintained and guaranteed to last. Did you know that having your heater serviced every year can save you money? Yes, with our regular maintenance program, the Dial One Sonshine Family Club, you get up to 3 annual visits, and also a 10% discount on repairs. And all that is for just $7.50 a month. I guess you could say, we’re a cheap date!

It’s normal to have some questions about your heating system. Whether you’re really uncomfortable in your home but aren’t sure what the problem is, or if something just isn’t working right, you know that Dial One Sonshine would LOVE to help! So give us a call, Valentine! Contact us online or give us a call: (714) 613-1016

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