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UV Light benefits

You mainly know UV light as “that thing that gives you skin cancer” … But did you know it can be used for good, too?

When and why UV can be dangerous

As you probably already know, ultraviolet rays are the ones responsible for tanning … and sunburn! In fact, you may be aware of two different types of UV rays produced by the sun: UVA and UVB rays.

The difference is, Ultraviolet A Rays have a longer wavelength, and penetrate your skin more deeply, but don’t damage the DNA in the same way. This is because the longer wavelengths result in them having less energy when they get in your skin!

As for UVB rays, they are more likely to get in your skin, and “under your skin,” because they have a shorter wavelength and more energy! These are no joke because they damage the very DNA inside your skin cells. (UVA does too, just to a lesser extent.) And this DNA damage is what can lead to skin cancer later down the line!

When UV rays can be beneficial

So, you’re probably pretty worried about UV exposure — it can kill your DNA! But, that can also be a good thing …

Not when it’s killing skin cell DNA in humans, but when it’s able to kill other cells and damage their DNA. Such as cells of bacteria and viruses.

This is exactly the purpose of a UVC lamp. As you might have guessed by the name, UVC rays have an even shorter wavelength than UVB, but, you don’t have to be nervous about them, because these UVC lamps are installed in your ductwork, not exposing your skin to them.

Also, even though they are naturally produced by the Sun, the wavelengths are too short to reach the Earth’s surface. They get absorbed into the atmosphere. That means, in order to recreate UVC light, we need an artificial method, like a UVC LED lamp. Studies show that these wavelengths are the most effective at deactivating bacteria and viruses in the air, by killing their DNA.

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According to Ken Elowe, “UV Lights install directly into the ductwork of your home’s HVAC system and will significantly improve the air quality in your home, especially for those who suffer from allergies and respiratory issues.”

In addition to UV air purifiers we can install in your home, Dial One Sonshine is also serving the Orange County area with several other are cleaning and air purification services, such as the Air Scrubber by Aerus®. It also uses UV light waves to create ions that can get rid of everything from dust to allergens to bacteria and viruses!

We want to help you feel safer here in Orange County. One way you can do that is by slapping on the sunscreen this spring and summer … and another way you can do it is by investing in proper air cleaning and air purification methods to keep your home disinfected. Contact us online or give us a call: (714) 613-1016

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