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If you’re experiencing sewer line problems, you want to contact Dial One Sonshine for sewer repair in Orange County.

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Most homeowners don’t give sewer lines any thought until they stop working. When the contents of a sewer line back into your home or your family notices strong, unpleasant smells coming from your drains, you want to get the problem solved as quickly as possible. That’s when you should turn to the licensed, highly skilled plumbers from Dial One Sonshine.

Infrared Sewer Camera Inspection

Our plumbers have access to today’s most advanced technology. For example, they can use infrared sewer camera inspection to pinpoint and diagnose problems in your sewer line with no need to dig holes. Infrared sewer cameras use differences in temperature to spot variations in sewer lines caused by leaks or places where groundwater is entering the system. They can also detect issues behind the sewer walls, such as soil being washed away. Using infrared sewer cameras is a fast, more accurate way to spot problems and protect the integrity of your sewer line.

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Our Quick Response Minimizes Damage

Sewer line problems are some of the messiest and unpleasant problems homeowners can face, so if you’re having trouble, you want it fixed quickly and reliably by a trained professional. A broken sewer line containing household waste can produce foul odors and disgusting messes in your home or yard. Sewer gases and the bacteria in the waste can also affect your family’s well-being.

That’s why it’s so important to act immediately to minimize the damage. Call a plumber as soon as you realize a sewer line break has happened, then follow any instructions you are given while we’re on the way. Dial One Sonshine’s team will identify the problem as quickly as possible and share your options for repair. We’ll answer your questions and make sure you understand the cost before we go to work to restore your family’s comfort and safety!

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