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You’re not sure when it happened, but you realize your furnace can no longer perform like it used to. You could try to fiddle around to ‘heal’ it yourself, but an expert eye is vital. That’s when you might be wondering which furnace repair company you should call to get your heating unit tuned up to perfection.

Your decision shouldn’t be based on guesswork. At Dial One Sonshine, you can expect nothing but top-quality service from a team of skillful technicians. We are a family-owned company proud to deal with residential and commercial heaters in Orange County and the neighboring areas.

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Don’t put off furnace repairs

It’s easy to realize your heater has gone south when it’s so cold inside you have to put on a winter jacket. But a furnace repair service may also be necessary for a unit that is still operational. If anything below applies to your case, postponing it means killing your system:

  • You hear atypical noises, like whistles or rattles
  • The air coming from the vents is not warm enough
  • Your rooms are filled with musty smells
  • The pilot light is not working properly
  • Your utility bills skyrocketed last month

If your heater breaks down unexpectedly and you need it back to heating mode ASAP, call us for emergency furnace repairs. Our technicians are great at fixing issues and getting your system running well again as quickly as possible.

We also offer a comprehensive range of other furnace-related services, including upkeep and tune-ups. These are more general services that can be scheduled at a convenient time. By doing the upkeep or tune-ups, we can ensure your furnace is running smoothly, and you don’t have to face uncertainty if it breaks down.

The team that has garnered trust

We have been in the industry since 1981 and have provided furnace repair services to thousands of homes in Orange County. By calling Dial One Sonshine, you can rest assured your heater is serviced by experts, not first-timers in the middle of their upskilling journey and doing it by trial and error.Here’s why OC’s property owners prefer Dial One Sonshine for furnace repairs in Orange County:

  • We have experience repairing all types of furnaces in all types of properties.
  • We work professionally fast, and we are far from bragging here.
  • We have collected multiple positive reviews for doing the job throughout Orange County. Our repair crews are often recommended to friends, families, and neighbors.
  • With our pricing and service quality, you can be sure you’re getting the best deal for Orange County furnace repairs.
  • We are always involved in community activities while cultivating improved comfort and happiness in households.

We know it’s stressful for your family when your heater breaks down, especially if the summer months are already sunsetted. Don’t think you are alone, though. Give us a call today, and our technicians will be happy to service your furnace or explain what needs to be done for emergency issues.

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