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Water Filtration Systems in Orange County

Orange County Water Filtration System Installation & Repair

Water Testing Household water quality is a crucial topic because you can’t get away from using water on a daily basis, for a number of different purposes. If your household water includes multiple impurities or contaminants, it is time to have then eradicated with a high-quality water filtration system in your home.

Having clean water in your home is important for every member of your family, and a good water filtration system will remove scores of different contaminants. Is your household water as clean as you’d like? Contact us online today for expert Orange County water filtration system installation and repair services. We will send a water specialist to your home to test the water and find the most practical filtration solution. Trust us today for all of your water filtration systems in Orange County and the surrounding areas!

Is your household water as clean as you’d like? Call (714) 252-7460 or contact us online today for expert Orange County water filtration systems and solutions!

Water Filtration Systems in Orange County

Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

The concept of water filtration refers to filtering out contaminants, so the water is safer and more palatable. There are many different impurities that may be part of your household water supply, and while some are completely innocuous, the same can’t be said for all of them and choosing a suitable water filtration method is important to keep the water as clean as possible. Choosing the appropriate water filtration system for your home is essential for ensuring that you are your family are drinking the quality of water that you truly deserve. Most importantly, having a water filtration system installed in your home helps to improve your skin, hair, and allergies.

Apart from health factors, water filtration systems also serve to improve your home's plumbing systems. Without a water filtration system, your water is left with a high percentage of mineral content, making it "hard." This is described as having "hard water." Over time, hard water can clog your drains, impact your home's faucets, and eventually create problems in your home's plumbing systems. These mineral deposits also leave your clothes feeling rough after washing them. Contact us to learn more about the different water filtration systems that we have to offer, and to learn more about how having the correct water filtration system can make a positive difference in your household's well-being.

Different Types of Water Filtration Systems

There are a few different processes that are used for household water filtration, and the ultimate choice depends on which contaminants are present in the water and the best way to get rid of them. Reverse osmosis is a common type of water filtration that uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter out impurities. Carbon-based filters use carbon that has been layered after being charged with a positive ion.

As the water passes through the different layers of carbon, contaminants are removed. Water softening is another form of filtration, that’s reserved for hard water. After you have your water tested, your Orange County water expert will help you determine which system is best for your home.

Typical Household Water Contaminants

Common household water contaminants include bacteria and viruses, iron, calcium, magnesium, tannins, sulfur, chlorine, sediment, and arsenic. Some of these show no real effects at all, while others can pose serious health risks in higher amounts. If you are interested in being able to use the water from every faucet in your home for drinking, bathing, and cooking, then a professionally installed whole-house water filtration system will provide you with all the protection you need.

Call Dial One Sonshine at (714) 252-7460 in Orange County, CA if to explore having a new water filtration system in your house!


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