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Issues with your sewer line can be some of the messiest, most unpleasant plumbing problems imaginable. When your sewer line breaks down or backs up, you need to get it fixed right away … and that’s when it’s time to call Dial One Sonshine. Our licensed, highly skilled plumbers will respond quickly to diagnose the problem with your sewer line and explain the best approach for repairing it.

If your sewer line isn’t functioning properly, don’t delay … and don’t try to fix it on your own. Besides any mess you may be able to see, unpleasant gases can build up in sewers and back up into your home. Sewer leaks can cause damage to your home’s structure, lead to disgusting wet areas in your yard, and expose your family to bad smells. Trying to fix the problem yourself by pouring hardware-store chemicals into the drains can lead to more damage and fumes.

Our licensed, highly skilled plumbers will recommend the best way to solve your sewer line problem, whether that involves a simple repair or replacing part or all of the sewer line. They have access to a wide range of repair and replacement options, including advanced trenchless repair technology that allows repairs to be made without digging up your yard.

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What Happens When Your Sewer Line Breaks?

When your sewer line breaks, splits or ruptures, you’ll probably notice the smell first. The household wastes your sewer is supposed to take away from your home will produce unpleasant gases that have the potential to be dangerous. You might also notice bad-smelling ponds or wetness in your yard, as the wastes spread underground. If the sewer line backs up, the contents can spill into your house, creating a mess, exposing you and your family to bacteria, and attracting pests like roaches.

The faster you call a professional like the licensed, highly skilled plumbers from Dial One Sonshine, the sooner the problems will be fixed. We’ll diagnose the problem and recommend the smartest course of action. In many cases, we can repair or replace damaged sections or even the entire sewer line without digging into the ground, using advanced trenchless technology. Our plumber will discuss your options and answer your questions before beginning any work to replace your sewer line.

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