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Another Heat Wave is Coming …

We are definitely in the dog days of Summer 2021! This has been one of the hottest years on record, and it’s only going to get worse. Luckily, the pros at Dial One Sonshine have your back!

The impending heat wave

According to weather experts, another heat wave is coming all across America next week (7/25). The exact term for what these experts are describing is actually a “heat dome.” A heat dome is a high-pressure mass that forms a giant “dome” in the sky, by trapping hot moisture.

To give you an example to better understand, let’s say you had a water cooler outside in the hot sun. As the sun heats up the cooler, the water inside gets hotter, and may even start letting off steam. However, all this moisture and steam is trapped, and has nowhere to go. That is similar to what a heat dome is – a bunch of moisture and steam that is trapped, can’t escape, and will only get hotter and hotter!

How hot will it get?

So, as southern California is caught under a giant heat dome, what exactly is going to happen? Well, based on past instances of heat domes, these experts say temperatures will climb an extra 10° – 15° degrees … or even more! Considering how hot it already is, and that the average temperature now is already about 90°, that means temperatures could be up to a whopping 105°! And maybe even worse!

How can I prepare?

You should be prepared for some extreme weather!

First, know that your ceiling fan is your best friend when it comes to a heat wave! The fan will push cool air down, making it easier to breathe.

Also, make sure you stay hydrated and take care of yourself! Drink plenty of water, stay in the shade if possible, and rest regularly – especially if you’re working outside!

One last odd tidbit … If you’re using a box fan to help stay cool, put a bowl of ice in front of it. Similar to the way an air conditioner works, the cold air from the fan will blow over the ice and it will be super cool!

If you need more help with cooling off your home during this upcoming heat wave, you can rely on the pros at Dial One Sonshine! We’ll hook you up with the best air conditioning units for your needs. We’ve got 40 years’ experience and can get you the best air conditioner service at a price that you can afford. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to help! (714) 613-1016



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