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How to Keep Your Family Comfortable This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving only comes around once a year, and while we have a lot of things to be thankful for … a lack of home comfort isn’t one of them!

That’s why, today, we’re going over the best ways to ensure you and your family are comfy and cozy at home around turkey time:

Clearing the air

One thing that people probably don’t think about as much is, beyond being too hot or too cold at home, the most important way to stay comfortable is with clean air! With all of the cooking that goes on, especially with Thanksgiving dinner, it’s easy for odors to get a little overwhelming. Also, all the fall allergens like weed pollen, and all the sickness during flu season, that tends to be worst around Thanksgiving time here in southern California … you need to keep your air clean! But how?

Here at Dial One Sonshine, we offer the most advanced whole-house air cleaners, like the Air Scrubber by Aerus®. Its ActivePure Technology® can remove up to 99% of airborne and surface contaminants, as well as dust, allergens, and odors. This is a great way to help the family get-together be a healthy and happy one, in addition to doing your regular chores like dusting and vacuuming.

Keep the thermostat turned down

“Down?” you might be thinking. “But what if my guests get cold?” While you should certainly accommodate them if that is the case, chances are, your guests are more likely to be too hot than too cold on turkey day. All the cooking going on in the kitchen, with the oven/stove and microwave giving off lots of heat, makes for a hot house. Also, the guests themselves talking and moving will give off heat, so the more people you have, the more you must consider where to keep your thermostat. We recommend keeping it down a few degrees, and then if people complain, you can always turn it back up. (Plus, you’ll save a few dollars by keeping the heat down, which is always nice around the holidays!)

A furnace tune-up

Ideally, you should schedule your furnace for a tune-up every season before it gets cold, but now’s a good time too if you haven’t had one yet! During a furnace tune-up, we inspect and clean (when necessary) the blower, igniter, burners, heat exchangers, and even do voltage checks to ensure your furnace is in perfect shape. We also vacuum out any dust and debris and check for any leaks, so you stay extra cozy all winter long! If we find anything in your Orange County home, we’ll let you know. Meanwhile, you focus on other ways of keeping your Thanksgiving guests comfortable (and hopefully, arguing with one another as little as possible!). Just contact us online or give us a call: (714) 613-1016

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